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Choose Wisely - Your Ears are Sensitive

May 6, 2020

In this season wherein everyone has something to say.  We have to be careful what we allow to stay in our hearing.  Did you know you can watch the news, a facebook live and or have a conversation with someone and hear so much.  Some things you hear will be helpful and other things can be detrimental. 


Just like you take the time to pick through your grapes to pluck out the bad ones and throw them out.  You must do the same with what you are taking into your eargate. Everything you hear is not for you.  You get to decide what stays with you and what does not. 


If something you hear makes you gringe and/or comfortable question that and make a decision as to how it will affect your spirit.  They say that the last thing you hear at night is the first thing you think about in the morning.  


Use this time to pay attention to what you are taking in.  These times are challenging enough and you don't need to add anything that will make you feel heavy.


Focus on those things that lift you up, encourage you and keep you hopeful.  Find some small thing to smile about everyday. 


So, choose wisely.  If it all becomes too much then turn off the tv, social media and don't answer the phone.  


Meditate on that!



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