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Do You Know Your Family - A Time of Discovery

April 15, 2020

In this season wherein we are all spending much needed time with our families. We were faced with a question as to whether we really know our family. Some homes have both parents working, children in school and many activities to keep everyone busy.


However, we are now faced with having to spend more time with our children and spouses. Many were overwhelmed as they did not know what they would with their children? Some said things like, I don't think if I can make it through this. How many of us can admit that we really did not know much about the kids we are raising and the spouses you are married to?


It's understandable, because everyone has different schedules and the kids spend lots of time in school with teachers. Spouses have crazy work hours and crazier weekends.


But what a great opportunity we have now to get to know those in our households. Whether it be a spouse, a child, a relative or a parent in the home. This downtime is providing us a time of discovery.


Use this time to rediscover yourself and your family. You might find out some pretty interesting things and maybe not so many interesting things.


What a great time it is!


Meditate on that!





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