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What is the Purpose?

April 30, 2019


Have you ever been asked to do something, that you thought was  either a waste of your time or ridiculous in your eyes?  You would probably ask yourself, "what is the purpose?"


I have asked this question several times in my own life.  However, as life begins to happen and things don't make sense, I find myself asking God, "what i the purpose?"


Ever find yourself asking God the following:

  • Lord, what am I suppose to be learning;

  • God, can you explain what the real meaning behind this is; and

  • Father, show me my purpose in all of this.

This is a question that sometimes takes the longest to answer.  God knows his purpose for our lives, however, it takes some time for us to figure out what it is. 


Can you remember a time in your life, when you needed to know the purpose of a particular, person, place or thing.  Someone you have recently met?  Something that has happened good or bad?  Relocating to a new place?  Someone who has left your life? 


The question "what is the purpose?" can certainly keep us on our knees.  It is not answered immediately and it is not answered clearly.  It seems like there are a series of lessons that come with the answer.  Some lessons that are not always as easy as we would like.


The one thing that is for sure is that he will provide the answer.  It is up to us not to miss it when he provides it.  Once you ask be sure to stay attentive to his response. He will provide it through people, a song, a book, a movie, a television commercial or even a blog. Psalm 57: 2 I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills His purpose for me.


What is the purpose? Only God can answer that question.  Where will you be when he provides the answer and will you be ready?


Meditate on that.


Be blessed.

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