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Encourage Yourself

April 16, 2019



Encouragement - defined as follows: the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.


Sounds amazing right? So what happens when you can't find anyone to encourage you?  What do you do?


Can you encourage yourself?  Would you be able to stand and look in a mirror and talk positively to yourself? 


This is very hard for many of us.  Why is that?  Because many of us are affirmation seekers.  We are always looking for someone to affirm, approve and/or acknowledge us. We have a difficult time affirming ourselves.


I have learned in this season of my life that there are times I have to encourage myself.  I have wonderful people who encourage me daily and I am grateful for them.  At times those encouragements will help me in a weak and vulnerable moment.  They come right on time.


However, I have to be prepared in the event they don't come.  I have to be able to stand flatfooted and say, "you can do this."  It may take time to get to that point where you are completely encouraged.  However, it is the baby steps that count.  


So in this season, I have to work double time to encourage myself.  I have to remind myself of the Goodness of Jesus and that he has a plan for our lives.  There are times when I don't even have the energy to do so.  Those are the days, I check into bed early and get up the next day and start all over again.


As long as you are granted another day, by our Lord and Savior, you have another opportunity to encourage yourself.  


Trust in yourself enough to push through.  Adversity is always waiting to knock you back down, however, we win every time we get back up. 


The hard work is for us to do and hard work it is.   Be encouraged. 


Meditate on that.


Be blessed.



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