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Overflowing Heart

March 25, 2019

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks’ (Matthew 12:34)



There will be a time in all of our lives when your heart feels like it is on overflow.  It will overflow for life's most joyous occasions and it will overflow for life's saddest moments.


The overflow of one's heart can have a profound affect on your spirit, soul and body.  The condition of our hearts will cause us to say and/or do things that may be helpful or detrimental.


I recommend that you do a heart check before you speak or act.  The overflow of our hearts if mixed with happiness can benefit others.  However, a heart this is overflowed with grief and/or pain, I would recommend you hit the pause button.


The magnitude of these emotions will cause you to say things you don't mean.  It will cause you to become easily offended and/or cause you to misinterpret what others might be saying.  This heart will almost always deliver and/or receive the wrong message.


We have people all over speaking and preaching.  However, we have to remember that you must guard your heart and your mind.  You must ask God to show you the spirit of the person who is trying to pour into your life.  There are times we we are desperate and/or in need of a encouragement and we tune in our ears to help us alleviate some of our pain. However, I urge you to be careful who you receive from.


If you need to speak, I would encourage you to speak from a pure heart.  If you have had a bad day and you are scheduled to speak or even write, be sure it is not based on the emotions you are experiencing at that moment.


Your words will come out of the overflow of your heart and based on the condition of your heart that day, you might encourage or break a heart somewhere.


We don't always have to have something to say, we need to monitor the current of our hearts.  If it is flowing with Milk & Honey than to God be the Glory.


However, if it is flowing with hurt and or discontent, take a time out and save yourself and someone else from that pain.


Be Blessed. 



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