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In The Moment - Jesus did it!

March 19, 2019

In the moment.  It is a phrase you hear often these days.  "Try to live in the moment.  Focus on the moment you are in."  The truth is that it was really not something I ever focused on.  Most of us are on a car or bus ride home thinking about what is for dinner.  Worried about the chores that need to be done.  Wondering if the kids have their homework done.  Will I have time to exercise?  Did I put that load of clothes in the dryer?


Then there are the other folks, I should have gone grocery shopping yesterday.  Why did I not wash clothes when I had time?  I should have taken that exercise class, last week.  


We are either in the past or in the future. 


The present moment is almost always overlooked.  Living in the moment is an art and a learned behavior.  That is why folks practice meditation and yoga.  Others go away to become monks and find solitude to live in their present moment. 


I have learned after a harsh reality that this is real.  When life hits hard and it is turned upside down, your every moment counts in a different way. 


Living in the moment has the potential to provide peace and tranquility.  It allows you to focus on whatever brings you solitude. It is extremely important to find this balance for your life.  In the book of Luke 5: Jesus retreated to a lonely place to pray.  He had to get away from the multitudes to have a moment with himself and God.


All we have is the moment we are in. 

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here.


I am challenging you to retreat like Jesus did away from the chaos of your day.  Live in your moments daily and regroup your mind and spirit.  It is necessary.


Make your moment a healthy, peaceful and refreshing one.


It really makes a difference. 




Be blessed.


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