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When you don't understand

February 25, 2019


There is a time in all of our lives when something happens that you just can't understand. 


That time when all of your questions are unanswered.  When your tears outweigh your smiles.  When your pain outweighs your joy.  Why, Lord?  Why? I just don't understand.


This is the place that God reserves for himself.  I believe that all of the why's have a way of causing more pain.  Would an answer make the pain any less? Would the answer rewind the clock?  I don't understand and neither will you, however, the assurance in all that hurts and pains us, is that God is still with us.  We may not feel it or believe it at that moment, however, God is with us.


I am like the inquisitive child asking, Why? However, I know that the response will not satisfy my soul.  So, I will reserve that spot for God and ask him for the things that will comfort, satisfy and bless my soul. 


I don't know why.  However, God does and at this moment in my life that is what I have to work with.


Meditate on that!


Much Love. 

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