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Slow and Steady

January 14, 2019


Ever sit and watch water boil?  Maybe you are preparing to cook rice or pasta. It starts off just sitting there.  Then the inside of the pot starts to sizzle a bit.  Maybe 8 to 12 minutes you have a pot of boiling water.  


If you are in a rush, sitting their watching could make you quite impatient.  However if you place the pasta in to soon, you will have the advance stages of mushyness.  No bueno.


Well, we could apply the same process to our life.  What happens when you don't rehearse your lines for a play or movie. You enter the room and you begin to fumble your words. You then look at the director and ask for a second chance.  Good luck with that. You have heard the expression, "you only get one shot to make a first impression."


So what is your rush?  God is brilliant in his execution.  He will start you out with baby steps. Like we do with infants when they take their first steps.  There will be some bumps and bruises along the way however, you will get it. Slow and steady you walk to the other side of the room.


Slow and steady wins the race.


God wants you to move at the pace he has set for you.  He did not say stop, did he?  Like the tightrope walker, God is at the end of the rope saying, "slow, slow and keep steady. Keep looking at me.  Do not lean too far right or left.  Slow, slow and look straight ahead. Steady my child, look at me."


He grabs your hand when you get to the end of the tightrope challenge and says "Congratulations, welcome to your next level."  


That kind of slow and steady will lead you to VICTORY.


Meditate on that!









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