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Bloom..... Right Where You Are.....

December 17, 2018

Do you find this difficult to do?  Are you constantly wishing for more money, a better job, a better home, a better mate or children that behave better?


What if the better job does not come right away?  What if that extra money takes a few more years to accumulate?


Could you bloom, where you are planted?  Be honest with yourself. 


I was in a room with thousands of people when I heard a wonderful and inspiring story.


This woman shared her story of how she lived in a particular community and how she was constantly hearing stories about the police and community at odds.  The people had begun to lose respect for those who were called to protect and serve.


She proceeded with the story and told the audience that "God had called her to deliver fresh baked goods to the local police department."  She was hesitant at first, but understood that if God called her to do this, he already prepared the way.  So, she pulled out her wicker basket and lined it with linen napkins and filled it with fresh baked goods.  There were muffins, cookies and pound cakes. 

She entered the police station at night and introduced herself and left the basket at the front desk of the precinct.  The only words she spoke before leaving was that she would be back at the end of the week to pick up her basket.  She continued this for weeks on end. 


She was now familiar with the officer at the front desk and several other officers. This one day she entered and the police sergeant was waiting for her at the front desk. He wanted to thank her and then introduce her to the night staff.  As they made their rounds, everyone was thanking her for the baked goods. 


The long and short of it all.... She became the community liaison for the police and the people in her community.  Helping to bring unity in a community suffering from dissension.


She was able to bloom.... right where she was planted.


We all have something that God wants us to do, right where we are. No fanfare required. 


Bloom.... Bloom..... Bloom


Meditate on that.







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