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Your Season of Miracles

December 11, 2018


Do you still believe in miracles?  Do you think that God is short in that area?


The answer to that question is absolutely not.  The bible is filled with stories of miracles.


1. Abraham and Sarah - having a baby in their old age.


2. Moses parted the Red Sea right when the Israelites were about to be attacked by Pharoah's army.


3.  Jesus turned water into wine.


4.  The manna falling down from Heaven.


5.   Mary is blessed in her womb and gives birth to the messiah.  Shall I continue?


God has not stopped handing out miracles.  He is still willing and he is still able.  Did you know the gift of life is a miracle. 


Every time a child is born - that is a miracle.  Carrying a life for 9 months requires care, good health, patience and prayer.  Even if you do not have children, you were someone's child. Miracle.


Ever wonder how the seasons change?  You have a beautiful tree that provides shade when its hot and almost like clockwork you know when those leaves will begin to fall.  There are cold winters wherein you never hear a bird chirp and then come spring you begin to hear them more and more.  Yes, another mira


If you are reading this blog right now.  Then you are a miracle.  Your eyes can see and your mind can imagine. 


Has anyone just given you a gift just because or done a favor for you.  Miracle.

I believe that we like to equate miracles with the spectacular.  Miracles almost always come in small packages that you miss out on. 


I still believe and I am always expecting a miracle.  Don't stop believing God's not like Santa Claus - who comes once a year.  He is dropping miracles all year round.


Just believe and when it comes receive!


Be Blessed.


Meditate on that!






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