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Hello, It's Me God. Can You Hear Me? I Am Calling You.

December 4, 2018

You have prayed about it.  You have dreamed about it.  You have talked about it. Then it happens. God calls you to the very thing you have been praying, dreaming and talking about. 


However, because you never really believed it would happen, you miss out. 


Why do we ask God for the desires of our heart with uncertainty.  So what happens God calls you and you leave the phone off the hook and he gets a busy signal.  


When God is calling, we need to check our lines to make sure they are working and that we are available.


What does that mean?


  • We must trust and believe that God is going to deliver on what he has promised,

  • We must wait in expectation;  

  • We must prepare and study to show ourselves approved. 2Timothy 2:15 (NIV); and

  • We must be ready and available when he calls.


We must stop working and moving in directions that are not ordained by God.


You can spend years answering all the wrong phone calls.  Screen your calls carefully, because the devil makes calls as well.


Put on your caller id and prepare for God's call.  Your eagerness to entertain any other call will cost you time, energy and unnecessary work.


Please pray that he calls again.  When he does, his first question will be, "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW."


Meditate on that





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