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October 29, 2018


To Harsh for you?


Have you ever pulled out your fan after it has been in storage for 2 or 3 seasons.  It goes through the fall, winter and spring seasons without any use. 


The very first thing that I do, is I pulll out a rag with soap and water and I begin to clean off the dirt and dust bunnies that are on the blades and the steel exterior.


If I were to turn on this fan as is, the dirt would fly into my clean air.  You would see dust bunnies landing on your clean sheets or even worse into your clean nostrils. 


Once the fan has been cleaned you immediately notice cool fresh air flowing throughout your space.  You are relaxed, cool and your space is clean.


Well, I dare to ask.  Is your life any different?   Many of us have the same dust bunnies and dirt in our lives.  So instead of starting out with a cleaning process, we awake daily with the same crud on us.  We see the issues and we see the problems and yet we do nothing about them.  We lament in what is in front of us and yet we take no steps to correct them.


Time to pull out the cleaning products in your life.  Time to reach for the bar of Hope, the Dishrag of Faith, the scrub-brush of Encouragement, and the Handi-wipe of Grace All products 100% guaranteed by God.


The Bar of Hope clears the mindset.  It provides a feeling of expectation and desire for a good thing to happen.


The Dishrag of Faith - When saturated it gives you complete trust and confidence that God can do all things.


The Scrub-Brush of Encouragement - the scrub-brush is used to work out stubborn stains.  It works on the areas that are not completely clean and still lack faith.  The scrub-brush comes in as a strong backup for the dishrag when it is worn and torn.  It takes the bar of hope and the dishrag of faith and provides the support needed. 


The Handi-wipe of Grace - The handi-wipe comes in and gently wipes the fan dry as it has been freed of all the accumulated dirt of the seasons.  This is God's unmerited favor providing you clean uninterrupted fresh air. 


Well, at this point, I encourage you to use what God has given you to clean the crud off of your fans.  To leave it filled with dirt and dust will pollute you air all over again.


Time to start cleaning.


Meditate on that!








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