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So You Think You Can't? What is in Your Hand?

October 23, 2018




Well, I have heard this 3 times in 3 days so, I know it is GOD speaking.  First Saturday, then Sunday and then Monday on the way home. 


How many times have you convinced yourself of things you can't do.  Your boss tells you to lead a presentation for a team meeting. 



From the moment he asked, you have already had at least 3 conversations in your own head.  You convince yourself that you do not know how to use PowerPoint, although you use it every day.  You are also telling yourself that you are not good at speaking in front of people or crowds.  Finally, you are totally convinced that the presentation will not be well received, even before you open your mouth. 


You would be surprised how much you can do.  God has equipped each and every one of us with gifts and tools.  The scripture I have heard for the past 3 days is when God is speaking to Moses in the Book Exodus - Exodus 4:2 - " Then the LORD said to him, "What is that in your hand?" "A staff," he replied. (NIV)


When we spend more time focusing on what we do not have, we miss the very thing that is in front of us.  We focus on what we can't do as oppose to what God says we can do.


We look for the spectacular, while the small nuggets pass us by.  You say you can't but God said you can.  He will ask you to use what is in your hand.  You don't need much to move when God tells you to move.  You will only need what he has given you to work with. 


Remember that what you don't believe to be much, God will turn into abundance. 


Look at yourself in the mirror and continue to motivate yourself by saying "Yes, I can."


God knows you can which is why he has given you the tools to achieve your greatness.


What's In Your Hand?




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