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Here Comes the Judge!

October 15, 2018



This blog will not be popular but it will give us some things to think about.


We are all guilty of sitting in the sit of judgment.  Admit to it or not.  We are guilty of judging what we don't know.  Opinions is one thing, judgment on the other hand, not the same. 


We also have the tendency to judge what we do not understand and what is unfamiliar.


People will judge you based on what they see alone.  You are too light or too dark.  You are too pretty or too ugly.  You are too fat or too skinny.  You are not as popular as others.  They will judge you on your economic status.  Whether you take a bus to go shopping or drive a car.  They will judge you on your clothing, whether your suit or dress is too form fitting or too loose. 


You are judged at home, at work and at church.  You are judged by family, friends and believe it or not people who don't even know you. 


Well, my answer to all of that is people see the Glory and they don't know the story.  Every last one of us has a story and not all start in a palace with glass slippers. 


People they judge out of insecurity and fear.  They don't know about a particular thing and/or don't like it and they make their decisions on that. 


Well, "Don't Judge - because you don't know what storm God has asked anyone to walk through."  You have a few dirty corners in your own home. 


So let's focus on our own fears and insecurities before we through each other under the bus.  Your judgment of someone will be God's judgment of you.


You don't have to like or support anyone if you don't want.  However, your judgment and my judgment is coming back to us full circle. 


Meditate on that!

















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