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Perfect is not Whole

October 1, 2018

 The beautiful award winning actress Jane Fonda quoted on one of Oprah's Master Classes as follows "It took me a long, long time to realize we are not meant to perfect.  We're meant to be whole."  Profound!


We live in a society where we have many people striving for perfection.  We have those who we call perfectionist - defined as a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.


Many of us have a piece of that perfection dysfunction that lives in us.  What I know, is that there is only one that is perfect and he makes no mistakes.  To strive for perfection ultimately sets us up for failure.  We need to know that the world will not come to a complete stop:


if we forgot to include a comma or period in a sentence;

if you wear white after Labor Day;

if you walk out of the house without makeup; and/or

if you fumble your words at a meeting or presentation.


Wholeness on the other hand is essential to your personal growth.  Wholeness keeps you healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.  Knowing your worth in the eyes of God is wholeness.  Worried about who likes you and/or your posts on social media is not wholeness. 


Wholeness is knowing who God has made you to be and holding on to that promise.  Wholeness is knowing that you can compliment and encourage others, knowing that it takes nothing away from you. 


Wholeness is walking in your own shoes.  Wholeness is walking in your own skin.  Wholeness secures you a spot with you.  Wholeness allows you to look in the mirror and say "I love you," even if no one else has told you that they love you. 


God wants you to be whole and not Perfect.  After all, the BIG NEWS is that you will never achieve perfection.  But your Wholeness will carry your through this thing called LIFE.


Meditate on that!






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