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Sous Chef

August 20, 2018

A Sous Chef -  is a chef who is "the second in command in a kitchen; the person ranking next after the executive chef.  A sous chef job is highly demanding and implies taking on a great variety of tasks in both culinary and managerial sector. Solid experience in the kitchen is necessary in order to land a sous chef job.  


Have you been called to be a Sous Chef in this season?


Some of us are in our Sous Chef season.  Your Sous Chef season is a season for learning.  You have all the responsibilities of a Head Chef but not the title.  Your time and talents are valued because you are the next in command.  You have proven yourself worthy of being a high ranking executive. Your solid experience is looked upon and is vital to assisting the Head Chef.


This season is invaluable.  Why, you ask?  It's simple. If you want to be successful in your craft attach yourself to someone who has already done it.  Spending time with seasoned professionals is a gift in itself.  When someone is willing to "pay it forward" you need to be grateful for that opportunity.


I love the expression "Each One - Teach One."  It is simply saying I have learned it and now I will teach it to you.  Your Sous Chef season serves a great purpose in your life.  There are many who want to be the Head Chef before their time and it will almost always be an epic failure.  Just because you have catered an event for 50 people on several occasions, does not qualify you for "Head Chef" status.  You need to know all of the nuances of that position.  Being in-charge is not enough.  


With every position of Authority comes a laundry list of responsibilities. 


Here are some examples:


  1.  You have to delegate work;

  2.  You must be able to deal with people;

  3.  You must be willing to teach;

  4.  You will long days and very little personal time; 

  5.  You must be willing to hire and fire people;

  6.  You must be willing to listen and hear people out;

  7.  You will at times need to be compassionate;

  8.   You will have to be stern and steadfast; and

  9.   You will have to remember to be humble.  

Although many people are skilled and talented they do not all possess the qualities to be the Head Chef.  However, when God has placed you in a position of Sous Chef he is preparing you for what's to come.  He has given you the gift of opportunity.  Don't blow that opportunity because of your ego.  Everyone has a season wherein they must sit and learn.  


Those of you who have jumped the gun because you feel you deserve to be "Numero Uno," be very careful the brick wall can really hurt you.  You are unprotected and your airbag will be deflated.  The crash and burn will cause some damage.


If you are in your Sous Chef season, I say take it all in.  It is like dipping a flaky and buttery biscuit into some gravy.  The biscuit will absorb as much gravy as possible, until it begins to drip.  The drippings are those things that were not meant to be learned in this season.  


To all of you Sous Chef's.  Enjoy the ride.  There is more to come and God will elevate you in due season.  The good thing about being the Sous Chef in this season is that when God Calls you, you will be ready.


All I can say to that is Amen!


Meditate on that!










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