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My Destiny Belongs to God

August 13, 2018

My destiny it belongs to God.  Life is filled with auditions, dry-runs, dress rehearsals and opening night debuts. 


Somewhere along the line something is going to go wrong. What we learn from those wrongs are what matures us in life. 



AUDITIONS - The auditions are where you muster up the courage to take a leap of faith and try something you have never done before.  You put on your game face and present the best that you have to others who will make a final decision on your presentation.  The auditions are scary, you know you have a gift, however, it has not been presented to anyone outside of your bathroom walls.  You know you have this gift and God knows you have this gift, but the problem is that no one else is aware.  At this stage God begins to help you build your confidence to present your gifts to total strangers.  These people make a decision as to whether this gift will suit their needs at the moment.   The disappointment of hearing the word "NO" can sometimes cause you to never come back out of that bathroom.  However, God uses the opportunity to prepare you for the future auditions.  He is polishing you up and helping you get stronger in those areas. 


DRY-RUNS - These are the rehearsals before the main rehearsal.  The dry-runs give you the opportunity to work out the kinks.  This is the area in your life when God has moved you pass the uncomfortable audition phase.  You are now a bit more comfortable in your gifting but still have some kinks.  You are growing in your gift and you are learning more about your gift.  You are spending more time with it and identifying yourself with the gift.  You enter the room with many who know you and know your capabilities, however, you get up on the stage and you trip and forget your lines.  This is expected, why because it is a new level of growth that you are not used to.  You are excited about the gift being used, however, it has never been used before and requires practice.  You must continue to present it to unfamiliar faces to bring yourself to a place where you are a bit more comfortable.  God is aware of what might go wrong at this stage, so he provides you with Grace even though you are tripping all over your shoelaces.  You are in the stage where the Potter is starting to shape the clay into a piece of art.  Jeremiah 18:6 "He said, “Can I not do with you, Israel, as this potter does?” declares the Lord. “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel. " (NIV)



REHEARSALS - Wow, look how gracious God is you are now at the rehearsal stage.  Why do I say gracious, because if it were up to mortal man, you would have been rejected and disposed of at the auditions.  The rehearsals are here.  God has been shaping and molding you along the way.  You are no longer a lump of clay but turning into a sculpture to be seen by the world.  In this stage there is very little tripping or fumbling.  The lines are flowing as designed.  God is placing you in front of a much larger audience and allowing you a bit more free space. He is not holding your hand, but he is watching.  He is not interfering with the screw-ups.  He is allowing you to work your way through them.  He says, get back up and try again.  He will now stand in front of you and remind you to do over until you get it right.  There is no quitting at this stage.  Your gift was given for you to use. He does not expect you to sit them on a shelf.  This is where you have to work hard and persevere in spite of those critics around you.  In spite of those who want to see you fail and in spite of those who rejected you along the way.  It is time to give it your all.  Don't worry God is right there with you.  Your naysayers and haters will just have to sit there and watch.  1 Peter 4: 10 " Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 


OPENING NIGHT - Can you imagine what God has done until this point. He has taken you through the various stages of your life.  You started with no experience and no courage.  You then had some experience but no audience to critique and review.  You then had the courage, experience and audience to showcase your gift.  This is the stage where it gets tricky.  Opening night can be a major ego booster and distraction if you don't stay focused on the journey prior to this night.  God has set the stage for you and your gift to shine.  He has been with you all the way.  He now releases you to "Fly Like An Eagle."  He knows, this is why he gave you the gift in the first place.  He is watching you in your happy place.  He is checking your motives, your ego, your attitude and your reverence towards him.  He is checking to see if you will forget to give him the Glory for what he has done.  He reminds you that man does not control your walk on this earth, HE does.  He is also thankful that you were willing to be a vessel to do his work on this earth. 


Your Destiny it Belongs to God. 


My Destiny it Belongs to God.




Meditate on that!






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