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It's Okay to Say, "I am not Okay."

March 23, 2020



How strong do you need to be all the time?   Did you know it is okay to say "I am not okay."  


In this recent climate, life has become extremely stressful.  Some of us are afraid, anxious, fearful and confused.  That is because we are receiving information hourly, business are completely shutdown and the financial markets are taking a hard hit. 




I am observant and I can spot a broken spirit both spiritually and physically.


I am guilty of this mascarade myself.  I did it for so long that now my spirit is heightened to others going through.


Find yourself a good prayer warrior and keep their number handy.  Prayer from a clean heart can perform miracles. 


The effectual fervent prayers of the righteous man availeth much.  James 5:16 (kjv)


There are people who are willing and able to pray you through your moment. 


But you have to do your part!  You can have your moment but you can't stay there.


It's okay to not be okay, you will not be condemned.  But, who really cares what other people think, you only get one life.


Please do not hide behind your physical appearance.  You don't always have to grin and bear it.


It's okay, let it go.



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