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Quiet Strength

June 19, 2018

When speech comes from a quiet heart, it has the strength of the orchid, and the fragrance of rock. Stephen Mitchell.


Quiet strength is definitely a debatable discussion. 





There are those who will present the argument that being quiet is not always the answer. 

  • They are right! 

We then have the side that will say that speaking too much is not always the answer.

  • They are right!

Here is my point.  I can see a situation transpire that really does not require my two cents and stand there silently.  There are folks who love to chime in and add their opinions, even though it has nothing to do with them. Some situations can actually frustrate you, to no end because people are going back and forth in discussion and no one wants to be wrong.  I have had people say to me, I wish I could just sit quiet like you do or your quiet speaks volumes.


You see, I don't have to have a comment on everything or every situation.  Frankly, some days my response is oh well or who cares.  My ability to keep my two cents to myself allows me to use a lifeline for when my comments are necessary.


You don't always have to have something to say. You must practice self control in this area.  I see wrong decisions being made, wrong comments being spoken and people who think everything that they do is right.  If it affects me in a way that might be detrimental, believe me I will speak up.


If it has no relevance to my life, if it does not add to my life and if it does not help me to change my life.  I will remain completely silent.


Everyone's battle does not need my defense;

Every discussion does not require my opinion; and

Every bad decision does not require my correction.


It would be best to save your speaking for when it is necessary. A strong silence will teach you more of what you should not do and should

not say.


Meditate on that!





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