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Life Support

June 5, 2018

Support a word you hear frequently used in Family Court (child support) and in Hospitals (life support).  A means of providing someone with life sustaining assistance.  However, how often do you hear this word in your daily life.  There was a time when you would hear some good friends say things like "I have your back man" no matter what happens.  "If you need somewhere to stay or something to eat, I am here for you."


My sister shared a wonderful picture with me of her baseball team preparing for a championship game and her Bishop from her Church came to support her and her team. Not only did he pray with them he stayed the entire game.   


Unfortunately, this is not always the case nowadays.  Most people are saying things like "I will take care of me and you take care of you."  We support our kids while they are young and we take pictures and shout at sports games.  We bring flowers to the recitals and we show up to awards ceremonies.  However, once our children become teenagers we show up less and we have more excuses.  


We know family, friends and co-workers who are sick and we only reach out for the first 4 weeks or so and after that they are forgotten.  We promise a friend we will meet them for dinner because they need someone to talk to and we text a message saying "sorry, something came up."


Support it is an action word.  We live in this microwave society that does everything quickly and our attention span is approximately 1 to 2 minutes and even that may be too long for some.  We don't take time for ourselves, how can we take time to support others.


Our world is in need of life support.  We need more compassion, we need more touch, we need more love, we need more family time, we need more fun time and we need more God Time.  


We are killing each other with our words, we are replacing our human communication with technology and we are moving further and further apart.


Resuscitate your life.  Spend more time with family, reach out to long lost friends, go out on a date with your love and spend some time with yourself.  


Don't Wait Until It is Too Late.  Don't wait for your life to flatline.


Meditate on that!








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