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A Mother's Love

May 7, 2018

Mother, Mom, Ma, Mama, Mommy all screamed out in many different ways, however, it is the most popular name in the English language. 


Genesis 17:16 - I will bless her and will surely give you a son by her. I will bless her so that she will be the mother of nations; kings of peoples will come from her." These are the words that God spoke to Abraham about his wife Sarah.


If you are not a Mom, I encourage you to continue reading.  Why, because you may have a niece, a godchild, maybe step-children and step-grandchildren or even a friend’s child that you may have had to babysit. If you have come in contact with any child for more than an hour, then this blog is for you.


The Word of God says in Psalms 127: 3 that "children are a reward from the Lord". As a result, we have been given a wonderful gift. Whether birthed from your own womb or the womb of another woman for you to raise and nurture. All children have been gifted to us.


As mothers and nurturers we are not given a handbook with instructions, we do what we know and what others might recommend. As a result, we don’t always get things right. We love our little gifts from God and we feed them, change their diapers, we rock them to sleep and then all of a sudden they are 2, then 4 and now they are on their way to kindergarten. Yes, it happens that quickly.  As nurturers we innately do a great number of things for our children. We brush their hair, we lay out their clothing, we make them breakfast, we take care of them when they are sick, we wipe their tears when they are sad, we listen to them when they are troubled and we sometimes cheat and do their homework assignments for them. (LOL) Admit it!  You know you have.


Our children eventually grow up and leave us.  Well at least some of them anyway.  Some of our kids believe living at home is part of their career path.  (NOT!!)


But, I have on occasion heard mothers say that they don’t feel significant because they are at home with the kids, they have not had time to go back to school or because their relationships failed and they are alone.


My response to them is this, NO SUCH THING!  God has a purpose for all of us.  For those who have delivered babies, this is a risk in itself.  The body of a woman goes through a transformation and for some the challenges of pregnancy and labor can be exhausting.  Nonetheless, we take on the challenge.  Then the responsibility of raising children is a full-time job and if you had to be paid for it, you would exceed all tax brackets.  We do not get the opportunity to take out student loans for the College of Motherhood.  We don’t get an all expenses paid tuition scholarship.


Motherhood is a very high maintenance and stressful position in one of the top FORTUNE 500 companies in the world.   If I have to drive this home even further, look at Mary the mother of Jesus, she had a HUGE role in giving birth to Jesus and then losing him for us!   This is significance exemplified.


You are so significant that God said in his word in speaking to our children:


Exodus 20: 12 "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.


As women we are sometimes harder on ourselves than we should be.  I encourage you to learn new things while you are still raising your children.  The day has 24 hours and our children they sleep and some attend school.  This is a perfect time to learn something new.  If you want to go back to school, the internet has made that possible.  Enroll for some on-line classes in an accredited college.  If you want to learn a new hobby, I can say thank you God for “YOUTUBE”.  You can learn to build websites, bake cupcakes, how to use Photoshop and even how to apply makeup. 


For the overwhelmed mother, ASK FOR HELP.  We make mistakes, things happen and most of what we experience is trial and error.  We can’t do everything by ourselves.  Don’t beat yourself up.   All of our children are molded differently.  Ever hear a mother who has more than 1 child say, that each one of her children is different.  Some come out of the womb quiet and remain that way.  But, we have our energizer bunny children who go on and on and on. 


Motherhood.  There is no cookie cutter way to do it right.  We do what we can and when we can’t, we should find someone to lean on that can guide us along the way.


I will leave you with this.  I was watching TBN a Christian television station and they were asking someone to give them a 1-word response for every word the host gave this person here is an example: The Host Said : Water – The Response was: Refreshing



So my lovely ladies, here is the word of the day:




Mother - Loving

Mother - Supportive

Mother – Attentive

Mother - Overwhelmed

Mother - Nurturer

Mother - Nurse

Mother - Teacher

Mother - Counselor

Mother - Hardworking

Mother - Hungry

Mother - Tired

Mother – Significant


Happy Mothers Day to all Women!






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