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April 30, 2018

Breakthrough - as defined means - an act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle.  It is a time that we all look forward to getting. Some of us however, give up and quit right before the breakthrough takes place. 


Why is that?  Why do we struggle and fight and then give up right at the gate.  The breakthrough is right there as the gate swings open.


Most times we miss it because we don't believe that it will ever come.  We have been living, speaking and thinking the same way for years.  Why would that change now?  I have learned that it is when the labor pains of life come intensely that your breakthrough is at its closest.  Like women in natural labor the contractions, the back pain, the breathing are all the prerequisites before the blessing is birthed in the form of a baby.


So it is with your walk in life.  Some events and circumstances are like contractions and you might be exhausted.  However, I would challenge you to not give up. Push through, like in labor and delivery.  There is a time when you have to pause so that you can make it into the delivery room, however, after that you have the green light to breathe and push and then breathe and push again.  After all of that excruciating pain will be a blessing provided by God.  The breakthrough is in the breathing and pushing and not in the giving up.


I know that for some of you, your breakthrough is right there.  It is so close you can smell and taste it.  Is the process easy, not always.  After all if God made everything easy for us we would not work hard for anything.  We would just sit and wait for the package to be delivered.  Well, God is not the FedEx Man.  Sometimes he is in the snail mail business. So, you can sit by the mailbox and check and wait daily or you can be proactive and prepare yourself for what's next.


Your breakthrough will come with new experiences, new challenges and new people.  It will be exciting but different.  I challenge you to not quit and prepare. 


Push - Push - Push - Your Breakthrough is Coming!!!


Meditate on that!










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