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Just Say Thank You

April 23, 2018


Sounds simple doesn't it.  Where is she going with this simplistic statement?  Give me a few minutes I am going somewhere with this.


In all my years as a woman, LOL... I have found that we have a difficult time saying "Thank You".  How so, you ask?


Well, you have on a dress and shoes that you purchased on sale at your favorite store.  You purchased it because you like it and getting it on sale was a bonus.  So, I come along and see you walking down the street and I say, hey, that dress and those shoes are fabulous.  Honey, "You Look Gorgeous." 


What do we do?  Well, we say, Oh, I got it on sale, it was 30% off and I also had a 20% coupon.  It really was a great deal. 


I see you with a new hairstyle and new makeup and I say, "i really love the new look.  Your hair and makeup is really sexy and eye-catching.


What do we say?  Oh, I had to color it to get out all the grays and the makeup I got it at the local drugstore, I don't like to spend too much money on makeup.



Well, my question is, why can't you just say, thank you?  It really is not that difficult.  We sometimes have a hard time accepting compliments.  We just need to look the person straight in the eyes and say "Thank you."  It does not require further conversation nor a lunch or dinner date.  Just a simple response.


I understand that it could be a bit awkward for some, however, in most cases it is simply someone expressing kindness toward you.  I am big on handing out compliments, if I see someone with a nice tie, dress, shoes, hairstyle and even if they smell good, I will almost always pay them a compliment.


Have you ever paid a compliment to a man. He will always say thank you and carry on with business as usual.


Next time someone gives you a compliment, please don't mention your discounts or store preference.  It is okay to just say "THANK YOU."


Meditate on that!


Be Blessed.




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