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God Has A Place For You

February 23, 2018


Ever enter a room and feel like you were out of place.  This was a place wherein you accepted an invitation and the people were familiar yet when you walked in, they treated you like an outsider. 


What about entering a meeting wherein everyone has been briefed about the latest happenings and they forgot to include you.  Everyone in the room appear to be so knowledgeable and on the same page.


Of course there are the family and friend gatherings, you show up to and only the relatives you never see come to greet you.  What happens is you begin to second guess yourself.  The self-doubt sets in and you begin to feel as if you are the odd-man out.


God has a place for you.  Anyone who goes out of their way to treat you as if you don't belong, may succeed for the moment.  However, that will be short-lived. 


Every circle you enter may not be for you, however, when God orchestrates a plan for you to be in a circle, the environment has already been prepared.


God has a place for you.   Do not be discouraged.  Your place is being shape and molded just for you to fit in.  Don't settle for less, because you are feeling undervalued, unnoticed and underutilized.  This is a dangerous and unprotected move.


Do not settle for the guy who can only buy you McDonalds, the lobster dinner is being prepared.


Do not settle for the job that will pay you an additional $5,000, just to get away from a bad boss, the 20,000 increase is being prepared.


Do not settle for watching tv every night, when you are up for a promotion, start a training program and become familiar with your next level as it is being prepared.


Be not dismayed, you may feel as if you don't belong, however, God does have a place for you.


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