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Love Again

February 14, 2018


Ahhhh Love.  A choice that we make.  A choice that can come with joy, ecstasy, excitement, pain, suffering and misery for some.


Love a vulnerability.   In order to love you must be willing to take a chance.  Some of us have been blessed with love and some hurt by it.  However, I believe when it is done correctly it is glorious.  


You know the feelings you get when you know your love is on the way home.  The feeling of butterflies in your stomach.  The smile you get when you see each other.  The selfies at the dinner table at your favorite restaurant.


You know the love of having children. Counting each finger and each toe.  The smell of baby powder and the first smile.  The unconditional love they give because they have not been shown otherwise.


You know the love of a parent/grandparent who is your ride-or-die.  They have a mixture of ingredients that include wisdom, love and chastisement all for your betterment.


You know the love of a pet who jumps at the door to greet you after a long and grueling day.  The dog who sees you relaxing and will come and lick you or rub his nose against your skin to show that he loves you.


You know A GOD who loves you in spite of you!  A GOD who loves you unconditionally although at times we don't appreciate it.  A GOD who looks at your flaws and will use them to accomplish his work on the planet.  A GOD who sees someone beautifully and wonderfully made.


I encourage you to NEVER EVER state the you "WILL NEVER LOVE AGAIN." You have just shut yourself out of the countless ways to be loved.


Love again and Live again.


Happy Valentines Day




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