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A Good Woman

February 6, 2018

How true is that statement. 


When we are in our younger years, everything about our existence is about how we look.  Our makeup, our hair and our clothes have to be just right.  My sister's were the biggest Divas in town.  Jordache and Sassoon jeans were all the fashion.  Big gold hoop earrings and expensive sneakers.  All the craze......



However, as we know the years go by and for some of us there is a whole transformation of the body, especially when you have children.  There are the enlarged body parts, the lost of elasticity in the middle area and not to mention the all loving stretch marks.  What about those of us who do not have children, however, somehow we have gone from this size 2 young woman to a size 12/14 woman.  Life happens and we eat more and exercise less. 


What about when we start to see those crowsfeet around the eyes.  You go from having this smooth beautiful skin to seeing this. Woooooooo,  I will admit that almost took me out.  LOL.


Please do not get me wrong it is wonderful to feel and look beautiful.  Actually for me it is part of who I am.  I love to feel and look beautiful.  However, I can't rest my life on that alone.  


I would like to build my life on some character and respect for myself.  Being successful in the gifts that God has given me and love this wonderful life God has blessed me with.  


Being a Good woman takes courage and strength.  It takes a boldness and tenacity to be you and to help others along the way.


  • A good woman will embrace her change and make the best of it.

  • A good woman loves to bless others. 

  • A good woman looks for a reason to encourage others. 

  • A good woman can compliment you and know that everything is still good in her world. 

  • A good woman can pray for her family without any personal motives.

  • A good woman will take care of her family and her household.

  • A good woman will seek her purpose and ask God to help her fulfill it.


Proverbs 31



Meditate on that!


See You All Next Week!


Hugs. ​


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