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January 4, 2018


Happy New Year - My "Blog Me Beautiful Lord" followers.  I hope this new year has started on the right foot.


This week's blog is to inspire you to be a healthier you.  You don't need a resolution to get healthy you just need to develop a healthy lifestyle.


As someone who goes to the gym and who eats right most of the time, I have to tell you that good health is a lifestyle not a resolution.


The Word of God tells that our bodies are his temple - 1 Corinthians 3:16 - Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in your midst?


Many of us can be overly ambitious and we try to join very expensive gyms, buy fancy gym clothes and some throw out everything in the fridge and cabinets.  Not necessary, you can start with simple baby steps.


Walking is the best form of exercise for those who are just beginning. A walk a day keeps the achy joints away.  Walking is invigorating and filled with cardio for your heart.  Set small goals for yourself and then increase.  If you are using a fitbit set your steps at a number you can handle.  If you are walking blocks or miles set a reasonable number and continue to increase.


Ladies it is of the utmost importance that we keep ourselves healthy.  Not for the purpose of being thin, but for the sole purpose of getting a good report from your physician.  


Incorporate more veggies, fruits and water into your diet.  Do not deprive yourself of what you love but do it all in moderation.  


Come on let's enjoy life and be healthy while enjoying it.  After all, if I am going to live to 100, I want to make sure my body is moving and that my mind is sound.


Let's get healthy for 2018.


Meditate on that!







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