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Being A Vessel

September 3, 2018

 A Vessel (Merriam-Webster) - a container (such as a cask, bottle, kettle, cup, or bowl) for holding something.


We are all holding something in our container with value.  Although there are times when you may not feel valuable, God stores precious gems in us all.  However, they will not manifest if your heart is not willing.


The willing heart will acknowledge the gems inside of them and then humbly make a way to be a blessing to others.   You can be a vessel to someone and not even know it.


For example, I make it a practice to blog and send out inspiration to people because that's what God has called me to do.  But when someone reaches out and says to me that they were in a situation that I was not aware of.  Then they follow up by saying that my blogs and inspirational messages kept them going.   I was being a vessel without even knowing.


It is my willingness to allow God to use me even when I am going through a rough patch, that makes me a vessel.  The minute you ask God to use you there will be no itinerary.  He will use his Perfect Timing and when the time comes he will use you without sending you a Text message.


Open up your heart and ask God to use you for his Glory.  Life is not always about how much you can get, however,  it is more about how much you can give.  There is a blessing waiting for you.


Meditate on That!





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