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My Souffle has Dropped!

November 24, 2017

Souffles, what a baking challenge.  One bad move and it can turn into a disaster.  Your very impressive dessert has now taken a nose dive.  What a bummer! 


Isn't this what happens when we are disappointed by friends, families and life.   You can become completely deflated when you are disappointed.  In our lifetime we will certainly experience disappointments, however, it is how you bounce back that makes all the difference in the world.  When you look at this photo you see that the souffle has risen and its appearance is so light and airy. 


I know it may seem unrealistic but we have to try and keep our spirits light and airy.  Life these days seems so heavy and empty for some, but, there is hope.  Don't allow life to cause your souffle to drop.  If and when disappointment hits, fix your eyes on God.  If you can reconcile any relational issues, try and do so.  Life is too short to stay angry with people.  If you are at a job you don't like or you have been ready to move pass, get that resume in order.  If it has been years since you have created a resume pay for someone to do it for you.  I did.  If you are struggling with finances, let's grab a paper and pen and start putting your dollars and cents down on paper.  Sometimes you just need a visual of what is going on with your money to try and make sense of it all.


The best medicine for disappointment is talking.  Find someone you can

trust and just talk, talk and talk again.  Now, if you are the friend that is listening, do just that, JUST LISTEN!  Sometimes all a person needs is to verbalize that disappointment and it helps to turn on the light bulb.  


In this holiday season people struggle in the area of emotions.  We all have our reasons why this time of the year may or may not be joyful.  However, I would beg you to not live in disappointment.  It will lead you down an unfamiliar street that leads to a different set of problems.  Ask God for wisdom and guidance.  He has the power to send a complete stranger into your life who would be that "guardian angel" to help you through your rough patch.


I am encouraging you all to not allow your Souffle to drop.  Pick yourself up and dust yourself off, for life has its challenges, however, it so worth exploring and living it to the utmost. 


Meditate on that!


See You All Next Week!






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