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Blessed to Be A Blessing

November 12, 2017


One definition for being blessed is "endowed with divine favor and protection."




Isn't it wonderful when you receive something good unexpectedly.  One day you go to work and your co-worker decides to take you out for lunch. Maybe you are at the bus stop and board the bus and realize you don't have any money on your metro card and the person behind you says, don't worry, I will pay for you.  These little blessings make your day.  They show you the favor of God on your life and it shows you the kindness of others.  It could be that they have been blessed at some point and simply want to pay it forward.


Do you know that when God blesses us he will do it because he desires and not because we deserve it.  However, he will also bless you so that you can spread the joy. 


When you are healed from a disease, set free from an addiction or receive an unexpected amount of money,  all of these things will bless you put also should bless someone around you.  Your being healed from a disease, will now allow you the opportunity to share that entire experience with someone who may have a similar disease or who is sick.  You can walk them through the challenges and accomplishments of that journey.


I have seen people with very little bless others with the little that they have.  We don't need to be wealthy nor popular to bless others.  Sometimes it is just a simple Word of Encouragement, that could help to bless someone's life.


Just as God has blessed you, you might want to consider blessing others.  Oh..... and may I mention that you really should not be boastful about it.  You can bless others without notifying the press.  The exchange can be between you and the individual, oh and of course God.  He will notice your blessing and take notes.  He will add this to your Book of Life.


Remember you are certainly blessed to be a blessing.


Meditate on that!






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