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Because I Said So.......

October 29, 2017

1 Samuel 15:22 - Obedience is better than sacrifice.  We all have jobs and hobbies that we work hard at daily.  Did you know that everything you get yourself involved in, you were not called by God to do. 


We give 100 percent and we spend countless hours studying and perfecting our craft.  We are on the internet, reading books, taking classes and going to seminars.  This is great and works well.  However, when God calls us to do something that he has ordained for us we hesitate and think twice.


Why is that?  Is it because God has ask you to do something you are not comfortable doing or maybe God has called you to do something you don't want to do?  Yet, when our bosses tell us we have to work to get a project done, we hop on it without hesitation.


God rewards the obedience of each and every one of us. So when God calls you and you ask him why?  He will say, "Because I Said So."   He expects that when he asks you to do something that you would do it without hesitation. 


The reason you can do it without hesitation is because he has prepared the way for you.  So move forward and trust God when he calls on you to do something that will bring him Glory.


Next time, you hear God say "Because I Said So,".  Just Do it!


Meditate on that!





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