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October 22, 2017


Yes, it is time to address the unspoken.  Taking care of ourselves and the importance in doing so.  Wonder Woman, Superwoman, Super Girl,  what is your "Pseudo Name."  Many of us have the "We Can Have It All" mentality.  I hear us saying, I can run a corporation, take care of the kids, join the PTA, rub my husband's back, serve on the Usher board, host the woman's brunch in the community and go to the gym 3 to 5 times a week.  MAGNIFICENT!!!  We have accomplished it all. 


Guess, what we have not mentioned? That's right the annual trip to the doctor for our physical, to the dentist for our 6 month cleaning, the gyn for the annual pap smear, oh and did i mention the mammogram/sonogram to check our breasts.   Did that make it into our "We Can Have it All and Do it All" agenda?  Now, that we have taken care of everyone else, are we too exhausted to even pick up the phone to schedule an appointment?  Have we hit the "Dismiss All" button on our calendar so that we are not bothered by the reminders.


Well, I am here to remind you.  I have had way to many women tell me that they don't like to go to the GYN, because they are afraid of what they might hear.  Women with a family history of disease, that will not go because of fear.  I would venture to say that we should fear the unknown.  Did you know that you can walk around with manicured toes and nails, with beautiful hair and makeup and still have a disease growing inside.



High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer all can take residence in your body and not even giving you a clue, until something goes wrong.  WHY WAIT?  


Take Care!  After all you are the only you that you have!  Don't ignore any signs or symptoms, go to the doctor even if it is nothing.  After all, don't you pay for health coverage.  USE IT!  


If this sounds strong and passionate, that is because it is so important that we take good care of ourselves.  We need to pay attention to our own needs and make sure we are well.  Let us not wait until it is too late.


I pray you will consider the words in this blog and start adding some appointments to your calendar.  Love yourself  just as much as you love others.  


Meditate on that!





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