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Who Is That In The Mirror? - My Very First Blog in 2016 -

September 5, 2017



Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a mirror maybe asking yourself, "Who is That in the Mirror"?  Maybe, because you have lost some weight or because you have a new haircut or dress.  Nonetheless, you still ask the question?


Seems like a simple question with an even simpler answer, however, is it really?  We can probably account for many hours a year that we spend in front of a mirror, brushing our hair or even applying make-up to our face.  But, have we ever moved pass what we see on the surface to look beneath the layers of cover-up on our face. 


You see, after years of building up everything and everyone around me, I realized that I had never searched deep enough on my own to actually see myself in the mirror.  I never took the time out, as it was so much easier to throw on some mascara, foundation and lip gloss and continue on with my life.  Why would I need to ask that question, as I already know who I am.  I am a mother, a wife, a grandmother, a professional, a sister, an aunt, a friend, and a shoulder for anyone who needs one.  Right, but is that who I really Am?


Then all of a sudden LIFE happens and we have to end up looking at ourselves in that same mirror.  So what is LIFE?  Life is marriage, divorce, death, sickness, wealth, poverty, single mother-hood, singleness, child-bearing, barrenness, success, failure, promotion, demotion, employment and unemployment and anything else you can think of. Life is a perpetual roller-coaster ride.  It has its ebbs and flows and we are not always prepared for the outcome.  No matter what the scenario, I guarantee you will have to look in the mirror.


LIFE, can take the softest of hearts and turn it into a cold and bitter organ.  If we are not careful, that heart can remain hard and cold for days, months and years.  We have to decide to make the choice to look in that mirror and ask the question, "Who Am I". 


Self-reflection takes courage and it takes thought. As a wife, mother and grandmother, I can see all of the issues everyone else might have.  However, when it was time to look at myself, I had the biggest challenge of my life.  Why, after-all, I had it all together, well didn't I?


Boy, was I completely wrong about that.  When I honestly surrendered all of who I thought I was and glanced at the mirror, I saw some really ugly things.  I had to make the declaration to God, that I wanted to be changed.  I had to commit to the challenge of allowing God to change me daily.  Ugh!!!


This process is called "pruning", this is where the ugly layers of our being, are removed to allow for healthy growth and renewal.  So imagine if you will a beautiful plant in your home and some of the leaves and branches start to wither.  You must remove the dead leaves and branches to allow for the new growth to bloom. 


Same Concept! 



Pruning is not always comfortable and requires help from God to submit yourself to the process.  However, when we open the doors to the uncomfortable places, we start to see transformation take place.  That is the ultimate goal.   


Now, I am not naive and I understand that many reading this will find this helpful and others will find it a complete waste of their time.  But, I promise you that no matter where you are in your life, whether it is in a good place or whether it is one of the most challening times in your life.  You will have to self-reflect and look in the mirror. 


Don't wait for others to be honest with you, as many times those who are offering their honesty are not even honest with themselves.  Take the approach to be honest with yourself. 


Please don't miss the opportunity to see who God sees in your mirror.  He sees a woman who is beautifully and wonderfully made.




This blog will challenge you to take a quiet moment of any day this week and look in the mirror and ask yourself "Who Am I" and "What Do I Want to Change".  Take the time to journal down your strength and weaknesses and ask God to help you in the areas that you find the most challenging. TRUST ME! We all have characteristics that are not as pleasant and refined as we would like them to be. 


I have compiled a list of encouraging words to remind you of who you are in the eyes of God.


Words of Encouragement                             


I am wonderfully made                                        

I am free                                                              

I am encouraged                                                 

I am beautiful                                                      

I am creative                                                        

I am healthy                                                         

I am blessed                                                         

I am lovable

I am precious in the eyes of God                                         


Remember!  This is not about anyone else but you.  The situation and people around you may never change, however, I PROMISE, that if you take this challenge, you will CHANGE DAILY.

Psalm 139:14 - 


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.


Pull out your ipads, laptops, cellphones, tablets, pen and paper and take the Challenge.


I will see you again, next week!

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