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Payment Plan

September 10, 2018


Have you ever come across something you wanted to buy and you did not want to put all the cash out right away?  Well, let us thank the genius who created the payment plan. 


You can have this product in your home with a payment of 29.95 now and the rest on a 6-month payment plan.  Simple and easy.


Have you taken the time out to consider a payment plan for your own life.  Can you take 29.95 a month and invest into yourself.   If you sit down and consider the amount of money we spend a month on things that are what I consider "Short-Term" investments.   I have had several conversations with people who say they simply cannot afford to save money.  However, if you make $100.00 a week, you can save 10%, that is $10.00.  If you can do that 4 times a month that is $40.00.  We sometimes spend money on things that we know have a short life-span and we are happy for the moment.  However, rainy days do come and we should try and prepare for those days.

We spend money on the kids, family, friends, co-workers and so on.  Are you saying that you can't put a few dollars aside for yourself.  


But God, is only asking for 10% and allows you to live off of the 90%.  Isn't he wonderful and considerate.  Now, our long lost "UNCLE SAM", he doesn't trust any of us, so he takes his cut without your permission.  So, where is your cut.  Have you considered that you are allowed to save a little something for yourself. 


Yes, buying clothes and shoes is nice. Getting our hair groomed and nails done, yep that is nice too. But we have to really start reviewing our finances.  Let's start to figure out how we can pull out 10% and save it. 


Your assignment is to take time out in the next 2 weeks and go over your finances.  Write it out or type it out - make it visual.  Start looking at what you are spending and then start looking at how you can grab a few dollars and save it up.


Come on Blog Me Beautiful followers you can do this.  After all you are your best investment.


Meditate on that!









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